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If you are looking for a used car broker in Philadelphia, you are in the right place. We offer certified pre-owned inventory with better financing than any other vendor.

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The used car market can be an intimidating place, full of tempting deals buffered by worries about quality. How do you know you’re getting the deal you’ve been promised? How can you verify quality — by trust alone? Set aside all your previous concerns or negative experiences with used car sales, and prepare to impressed. Through our Philadelphia used car partnerships, we’re able to scour inventories for the best vehicles on the market. Our 172-point inspections ensure that every part or component of our automobiles is in top condition — no lemons allowed. Furthermore, we’ll open the doors to a wide range of funding options, making the lenders compete for your business. All in all, we promise you a car-buying experience unlike anything you’ve seen before: higher quality, better care, more personalized service, and a guarantee that you’ll be driving the best.


We’re tried-and-true automotive professionals, but we’re also drivers — and we realize how intimidating it can be to take someone’s word for something, at least when it comes to purchasing an automobile. It’s frightening to take something on faith when your life and livelihood depend on it working well. However, we’ve made it a point to redefine the business of Philadelphia used car sales, and our broker service offers something no one else can: a guarantee of quality. We conduct rigorous, thorough inspections of our used-car inventory, ensuring the serviceability of everything from wiper blades to transaxles, from signal lights to transmissions. You can be fully confident that, when you drive away from the lot, the vehicle you’ve purchased from us will have a clean bill of health. It’s just another method by which we’ve established ourselves as the leaders among Philadelphia car brokers.


If you’re shopping for a used car, it pays to have options. The standard approach to acquiring a new car involves the luck of the draw, based solely upon what’s available on the lot. Nowadays, that kind of old-fashioned business model simply doesn’t make sense — why remain limited to what happens to be on sale at one specific business? Our model instead allows for maximum flexibility, drawing upon the resources available in the Philadelphia area. We can secure financing and work out details in order to acquire the car that suits you best. We’ll help you price out models and options, and even if you’re experiencing bankruptcy or have a low credit score, we can find something to fit your budget. There’s no pressure, because we’re not trying to empty our lot — we just want to find something that suits you best.


You may have already decided the exact model of car you’d like to lease. You may at the beginning of your search, and in need of expert advice. Regardless of your situation, you should give us a call at 215-800-0168 and let us help you move forward. We’re the best car broker service in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region, and we’ve achieved our reputation by dint of our numerous satisfied customers. If you’d like to begin browsing online, you can visit our website which will provide helpful links and a series of frequently asked questions. You can even apply to our buy here pay here service online, too! We want to be your Philadelphia auto-leasing professionals — your business is important to us, and we look forward to being able to assist you in acquiring an auto lease!