We Know Our Way Around Car Purchases

There are few purchases that one makes more momentous than the purchase of a new car, and very few purchases are as expensive. Given the significance of the transaction, it makes sense to seek out as many resources as possible — people in the know, professionals willing to explain the ins and outs of the business. We try to make this our specialty, because we're well aware that there is plenty of competition. Beyond our rigorous inspection procedures and extensive market research, we also bring combined decades of experience to the used car sales field. As such, you know that you're dealing with the best. We have an extensive digital car lot from which you can choose numerous vehicles from a variety of partner establishments throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area. It's not only easy, it's positively enjoyable.

There's Never Any Pressure to Buy When You Visit Us

Above all else, we want you to make an informed decision about your automotive purchase — a decision that will bring you a maximum of satisfaction throughout the driving life of your vehicle. With that in mind, we promise that you'll never feel pressured to buy when you use our service. We're more interested in keeping your business for life, and that means giving you all the resources and information that you require to make the best possible car purchase decision. We can help you select a make or model and can even provide maintenance insights regarding which models may best suit your needs and budget. All in all, we pride ourselves on being an unbeatable resource in the Philadelphia car broker market. We can help you get yourself behind the wheel — call us today at 215-800-0168.

We Can Help You Prepare to Seek Financing

Lenders use complex formulas in order to determine how much money they're willing to share. Sometimes, this can be complicated and opaque, and altogether frustrating for the client. You don't know what you don't know, and you only learn what the lender is willing to divulge to you. It doesn't have to be this way! We have extensive experience in helping customers secure financing, and we can provide you resources to determine your credit score and credit ranking, whether prime, nonprime, subprime, or deep subprime. Our Philadelphia car broker can provide insights into a variety of documentation sources that lenders require, which can sometimes help given the difficulty of documenting certain occupational specialties. Long story short, whatever your financial situation, we can help you determine how you're going to pay, how much you're going to pay, and how to go about documenting your income in order to satisfy lender requirements. There's no need to go it alone!

Domestic or Foreign, We Have Something for You

Some dealers choose to concentrate their inventories on certain brands, and most manufacturer dealerships focus on one brand alone. We've found a way to offer you the best of both world: you get manufacturer-quality warranty and maintenance plans, licensed dealer quality inspections, and all the various accouterments of company upkeep plans, while having the freedom to choose any make or model you desire. Whether you're in the market for a German luxury sedan or a Korean compact car, a Japanese pickup truck or an American utility van, you have the entirety of the automotive market at your fingertips — accessible via our digital showroom, as well as with the Prestige Auto Sales lot in the beautiful city of Philly. It's never been easier, and there's never been a wider selection than you'll have at your disposal. You don't need to search for any other car broker in Philadelphia. Our website can help you contact us and begin your selection today.

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