It’s far too easy to get turned away from a dealership because of credit. Some people have low credit, some people have no credit, but as long as you have a job, you don’t have to worry — we’ve got you covered. There’s no transaction with a bank or lending service, no red tape or cumbersome paperwork to complete. With our buy here pay here service, you can receive an offer from our office and set up a payment plan — a one-stop shop, as simple as it can be. Once we’ve determined your pay rate and account status, you simply have to set up a payment plan with us, your dealer. It can be cash, certified check, or ACH withdrawal. We’ll make it easier than you’d ever imagined, so that you can get back to the things that matter in your life. Visit our Prestige Auto Sales virtual showroom today to see what kind of vehicles you’ll soon be driving.


One of the ways we can help accommodate our customers through our buy here pay here service is our job credit offer: as long as you’re employed and can document your weekly pay, we can find a way to make it work. We’ll negotiate a down payment — sometimes as low as $495 — and you’ll make all your subsequent installments to our service. There will be no banks, no lenders, no loan sharks, no unsavory characters; it’s business between just our professionals and you. If you give us a call at 215-800-0168, we can begin the process and let you know where you stand. The fact is: customers with low credit or no credit will have higher interest rates, but we’ll do everything in our power to find a means to work it out with you. We understand that circumstances vary across the board, and our goal isn’t to narrow the eligible population; our goal is to give access to quality automobiles to every buyer in Philadelphia through our car broker service. If you’ve got a job, you’re eligible — and you should get in touch with us immediately. Furthermore, we can always work out terms with co-signers. We make it flexible so that you don’t have to be!


In frankest terms, the Internet has categorically revolutionized auto sales — it’s upended the old structures and completely democratized access to buyers and sellers. There’s no longer any need for middlemen to intervene in the process, to procure loans or find customers. Instead, you can find the car you want through our service and pay us, no fine print or difficult stipulations involved. Even if you wind up acquiring financing through another lender, we can work out the terms and ensure that you’re set to make payments through ACH transactions, cash, or other methods. Not only will you drive away with a pristine and reliable automobile, you’ll drive away with the knowledge that you’ve bought from the best car broker in Philadelphia — with no middlemen required. It’s not only easy, it’s simply good sense. There’s no need to let someone construct an additional layer of expensive complexity to filch your hard-earned dollars. Our buy here pay here service will ensure that you get the best vehicles out there, for the price you want. It’s all part of what makes us the most trusted and competitive used car vendors in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region.


No one has more testimonials from satisfied customers than we do, because no one takes the time to ensure customer satisfaction the way that we do. We receive dozens of referrals from satisfied customers looking to share the experience with their friends. Our professionals have an eye for precision and a gentle touch when it comes to maintaining our vehicle stock. We know how to acquire the best, and we know what kind of maintenance can make the difference between mediocrity and superiority. We’ve got the know-how to best serve you, which is why Philadelphians choose to purchase from our service with such frequency. We’ve made it as simple as it can be: you need only have a job and the determined down payment, and the rest is up to us. With our extensive inspections and warranty offers, you’ll drive with the knowledge that your car is both protected and certified to be among the best. No one else can make you that offer because no other Philadelphia car broker has the ability to bring it all together the way that we do.