Customers often have concerns about pending bankruptcy, previous bankruptcies, or other issues affecting their credit. The truth is — we can still find you a lender regardless, and often times (even with low credit or no credit) we can find you a variety of options from which you can choose the one most appealing or suitable to you. As long as you have proof of employment and income, we can easily match you with a lender willing to afford you a line of credit. It’s far simpler than you think, and you can begin browsing our inventory via the Prestige Auto Sales website. We have an excellent record of securing loans for customers with unique or difficult financial circumstances, and we’re willing to go the extra mile for you. No matter what your circumstances may be, there’s a car waiting for you and a financing option that you can manage. Let us help you today — we promise, you won’t find any better in all of Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Depending on your circumstances, it is entirely possible that you can drive away in your new car from the lot on the same day as your first visit. If you have a particular make and model in mind, you should browse our website or give us a call at 215-800-0168 today. If your choice vehicle is on our lot, the process couldn’t be simpler — all you need to do is visit and being the paperwork. If your car is at another partner dealership, we can easily coordinate to have it delivered to the location of your choice so that you can test drive it and determine whether or not it is suitable for you. We like making it as easy as possible, and we promise that you’ll drive away from the experience with an entirely new outlook on what buying a used car from a Philadelphia broker can be. We pride ourselves on being the best, without question, and we promise that we’ll make the loan approval and purchase process easier than you’d ever imagined.


Yes — we can accommodate you if you require a Spanish-speaking representative. We have native speakers who work for us and are familiar with issues that may apply. We strive to make all our customers feel comfortable, and we assure you — we can provide all assistance necessary to ensure that you and your loved ones have all the information required to complete a purchase of a worthy and well-maintained automobile. No one does it better in Philadelphia, because no one cares as much as we do about the service we provide. We make it a point to be the most flexible used car broker in the city, because we know that Philly deserves the best.


It starts with the finer details: there’s always fresh coffee in the waiting room, there’s always cold water in the cooler, and there’s always a smile on the face of the representative there to greet your arrival at our lot. Buying a used car has brought with it a negative connotation for so long, because our competition has often failed to raise the bar when it comes to a customer service experience. Our goal is to change this, and by so doing reinvent the process of used car sales in Philadelphia. Instead of pressure, you get information. Instead of limitations, you get options. Instead of taking an offer on faith, you get solid guarantees in the form of warranties and service plans. Our 182-point inspection program eliminates the age-old concern of being sold a clunker. Our extensive online showroom and partnership network eliminates the disappointingly narrow selection so common to used car sales. Our online credit applications let you begin the process earlier than ever. We promise to surprise you — it’s why we’ve built the ironclad reputation that we enjoy in Philly.